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Several states whose health exchange websites failed their first test during last year’s inaugural ObamaCare open enrollment period made changes to meet the federal round, which began Saturday.

Some, like Oregon and Nevada, decided to use the federal exchange. Others, like Maryland and Massachusetts, hired new consultants in hopes of a better result this time around.

Other states fared better. Colorado’s exchange experienced minimal disruptions and the state was able to sign up about 148,000 people. Kentucky also had a successful rollout, signing up more than 421,000 people for health insurance during the first round of open enrollment.

On Sunday, Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia M. Burwell told NBC’s “Meet the Press” that 100,000 people had submitted new applications this weekend via the federal website serving 37 states. That’s a big difference from last year, when only a handful of customers managed to enroll on the first day.

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