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We are a top actuarial firm that specializes in Health Insurance Consulting and Analytics.  Our actuarial firm offers the skills and technical abilities of large actuarial firms with the personal service of a smaller firm.  This allows us to provide quality, timely and highly personalized service and expertise, skills and technologies that would otherwise not be available to our clients.

FINANCIAL REPORTING Reliable, accurate estimates and reporting to assist clients with adequate reserves.
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Financial Reporting

  • Actuarial Opinions
  • Cash Flow Testing
  • Reserve development and certification
RISK ASSESSMENT Helps clients to identify areas of risk to maximize profitability.
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Risk Assessment

  • Projection Modeling for Financial and Operational Risks
  • Asset/Liability and Capital Management
  • Underwriting and Pricing models
DATA BASE DEVELOPMENT AND MAINTENANCE Helping to turn your data into meaningful information.
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HEALTH INSURANCE AND MANAGED CARE Comprehensive and sound services in a constantly changing industry sector.
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Health Insurance and Managed Care

  • Product development
  • Rate filings
  • Risk adjuster – use and review
  • Capitation calculation and review
  • Disease management support services
  • Provider reimbursement development and review
  • Provider contracting support
STATE AND FEDERAL INSURANCE REGULATORS One of the few firms in the industry with extensive experience supporting insurance regulators.
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Support for State and Federal Regulators

  • Health insurance reform review
  • Mandated benefit impact analysis
  • Actuarial Financial Examination support
  • Audit Support
  • Supervision and Receiverships support
  • Rate Filing review
  • Form A filing review
  • Uninsured – State Planning Grant support
  • Medicaid Upper Payment Limit calculation

Rate filing review:

    • Review the rate complaint and determine the level of review required for the particular circumstance
    • Review rates in comparison to those of comparable products in the market place
    • Review the financial statement of the insurance carrier to determine historic profit margins and financial strength, if provided
    • Review the filing for completeness, consistency, and reasonableness
    • Determination of compliance of any rate filings to statutory requirements
    • Testify at rate hearings

Medicare bid reviews:

  • Review bids in accordance with Department of Health and Human Services Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) guidance and professional actuarial standards
  • Verify the underlying assumptions are reasonable and that they adequately support the overall bid